The Shoreline Marketing Group is a St. Petersburg based marketing and consulting group focused on marketing development, media, advertising, promotion, event marketing and public relations for non-profits and traditional marketers.


SMG’s senior management have over 60 years of international, national and local marketing experience at the world’s leading marketing, media and entertainment companies.  The company is looking to assist the U.S. market with its expertise and creativity.

Shoreline Marketing Group

SMG is a marketing company with extensive experience in media, events, promotions, entertainment and venue marketing.  SMG is a marketing company that helps its clients develop, manage and deliver on their specific marketing needs.  With you and your team’s input, we will together create and implement original and innovative programs that will lead to your success.


SMG helps you drive brand awareness and interest to increase sales, traffic and revenues by customizing a complexion of marketing disciplines needed to deliver on your objectives and success.


We have extensive marketing expertise in:

  • Advertising

  • Promotion

  • Digital Development

  • Event Development

  • Television

  • In-kind Media Partnership Development

  • Social Media

  • Media Planning

  • Public Relations

  • Sponsorships

  • Product Extensions

  • Licensing

  • Intellectual Property Development

Blue Chip Corporate Experience

Our Approach: Collaboration


Events and Venue Marketing


SMG is a marketing company with extensive experience in events, promotions, entertainment and venue marketing.

We help you navigate through the myriad of potential marketing platforms and channels that at times can be confusing, time-consuming and ineffective to the success of your team.  SMG has the marketing and media expertise to help you streamline your efforts to succeed in the evolving marketplace.


Our vision is to be the most responsive, success-focused marketing company in the U.S. market; leveraging our international, national and local marketing experience to promote our local clients’ brands and products.

SMG’s unique approach is to partner with your marketing and public relations executives to deliver powerful programs that work for you.


We listen.  We collaborate. We analyze and we build it with you.  If needed, we will help you manage and outsource your marketing requirements to the vertical services necessary for your success.


Non-profit Marketing Development



Catherine Billon, President

Catherine Billon has had a successful 30-year track record launching and running businesses at both new and established media companies such as Time Warner, AOL, Discovery Channel, Sony Pictures, ColumbiaTri-Star, and National Geographic Television, as well a number of internet start-ups.  Areas of expertise include sales, strategic planning, marketing, and business development. Demonstrated ability to significantly grow revenues through interactive and online media, product licensing, and television.


Catherine served as a Senior Vice President at Time Warner, and was Company sales lead for the $2B Wal-Mart relationship and worked on cross-divisional integration. Previously at Time Warner, Catherine directed Renewals, Billing, Christmas, Inserts, Specialty Books, and the TIME Education Program for $45M of revenue in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East out of Time’s London office.


Prior to Time Warner, Catherine was an Executive Vice President at Easylink/, where she helped grow the Company from 47 employees to a NASDAQ-listed global Internet Messaging Company with several thousand employees and operations in China, India, and Europe. Responsible for 40 marketing, distribution, and strategic memberships including AltaVista, CBS Sportsline, CNN, CNN/SI, GTE, IDG, Lycos/Bertelsmann, Paramount, and Time Inc.


Catherine joined EasyLink / from Discovery Channel, where she served as Vice President, International in the Enterprises Division. Catherine created, built, and ran International Sales, at that time the most profitable and fastest-growing division within the Enterprises Group. She traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia.

In 2008 Catherine raised an angel round of capital to launch Green Hands USA, a eco-friendly digital and social media Company engaging environmental non-profits throughout the USA.  The Company developed and executed a nationwide National Green Volunteer Day working with non-profits, colleges and municipalities in all 50 states.  The company produced new and original digital content including video.

Catherine graduated from Brown University (in 3 years) and earned an MBA from Columbia Business School and exhibited as an award-winning painter.




Rusty Coristine, Senior Advisor

Rusty Coristine is an innovative, creative and experienced industry leader and pioneer in the development of new, multi-media marketing and entertainment properties and has a rich history of innovation and marketing integration success on behalf the world's leading media companies and consumer brands.

Throughout his career, Rusty has developed custom integrated multi-platform programs for leading global consumer products companies, including: Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Volvo, Hershey, MasterCard, Unilever, Philips Magnavox, American Express, General Mills, Sega, Reebok, Frito-Lay, Continental Airline, Macy's, Seagram's, Brach's Candy, Outback Steakhouse and Chrysler.


Rusty's blue chip experience includes: Grey Advertising, Rolling Stone, Billboard, MTV, Time Warner, Warner Bros. Looney Tunes, People, Time and Sports Illustrated Magazines, NBC, NBA Entertainment, Warner Music, Six Flags, PolyGram, Time Warner Cable, AOL and UNICEF.


Rusty is a former Partner with Niven Coristine Entertainment, NCE, a partnership with film producer and actor David Niven, Jr..  NCE specialized in program development for non-profits including UNICEF.  NCE was the lead producer for the UNICEF 50th Anniversary Concert at the United Nations General Assembly hosted by the late Sir Roger Moore.

Rusty's Development Credits:

  • Billboard Music Awards

  • MTV Video Music Awards

  • Crown Royal Country Music Series

  • Bugs Bunny World Tour - Menace From Mars

  • Six Flags Concert Series

  • Sports Illustrated Sports Festival Tour & NBC Sports Special

  • UNICEF 50th Anniversary Concert at the United Nations General Assembly Hosted by Sir Roger Moore

  • A Child's Gift Holiday Music CD for UNICEF

  • National Green Volunteer Day

Rusty has development expertise in: Entertainment content development, event development, television, digital, mobile, advertising & sponsorship, venue marketing, intellectual property development and licensing, media brand extensions, print, consumer promotions, experiential marketing, media planning, consumer research, cause-related and sustainability marketing and public relations.


At the advent of mobile marketing, Rusty co-founded leading mobile marketing technology platform: Zoove StarStar Vanity Dialing (**NFL); acquired by Mblox in 2014.

Rusty is a graduate of Bryant University.

Throughout the years, both Catherine and Rusty have worked with non-profits to help them develop programs to raise cause awareness and donations.  Their work has included event development, children's educational programs, entertainment, public relations and digital development.